William Mangum

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The Artist... Author... Designer... Businessman... Speaker... Philanthropist...

Born in Pinehurst, North Carolina in 1953, William Mangum knew at the age of eight that he would pursue art as his livelihood. Today, he has earned the reputation of bein Carolina's foremost landscape artist. With more than 3,000 paintings to his credit, Bill has celebrated his state like no other. His paintings have won both National and Intern acclaim in major shows and museums. 2015 marks an important milestone in his career: 40 years of being a Professional Artist.

For more than thirty-five years Bill has successfully maintained his own gallery, showcasing his artwork, publications, and Home Collection. Both private and corporate collec from across the country to acquire his artwork. Bill continues to be one of the most prolific artists, creating over 60 originals each year. To date, more than 400 limited editio created from his extraordinary paintings. One of Bill's greatest gifts is to come alongside many Fortune 500 companies, helping them celebrate their brand with art. From Ban America to the Men's and Women's US Open, Bill's artwork has been capitalized by countless companies and events.